About Woodbeard

Hey there!

My name is Kristian (aka Woodbeard) and I'm a woodworker from Hamilton, Ontario

Woodbeard in his shop

For starters... In late 2015 I had been a web developer for most of my adult life and had never really made anything in real life. I wanted to learn to make something with my hands but didn't know what, so I just picked something that sounded like it might be fun. I got a wood carving set from Lee Valley Tools in Toronto.

I watched 7,185 YouTube videos on carving and whittling and after about 2 weeks and 48 cuts, I was hooked.

The first thing I carved was a really terrible little post for me to put my wedding ring on, but I was really happy to learn how to carve a rectangle into a cylinder. I next I made my wife a little wooden bunny out of basswood...and by "little wooden bunny" I mean it was a very basic, pretty much 2D version, but again I was happy to be learning.

For the next few years I turned half of our tiny apartment dining room into my workshop, using only hand tools to carve, chisel, and sand small items that were pretty much useless but helped me learn and progress. I accumulated hand tools, learned to cut some joints by hand (not well, but some still hold to this day), and had a lot of fun.

(Lots of other plot points occurred here, which I'll someday fill y'all in on if you like)

Over the years I spent my time learning how to do as many things by hand as possible. My wife and I moved to a real house in Hamilton and since I have a slightly bigger shop in our cellar basement I've aquired some more power tools to help make some tasks easier.

Hand tools are still magic to me and I hope to keep learning and coming up with cool stuff to make.

Ultimately, I'm just happy I found something to make with my hands, and am relatively capable at it. I have a long way to go befoer I can even be considered good at this, but the journey is a lot of fun.

Hope you like my work. Have a great day!